Where is CAZ Salvator located?

Salvatorstreet 20
3500 Hasselt, Belgium
Phone: +32-11-289111

At which location are the interventions carried out?

Interventions under local anaesthesia are carried out ambulatory without hospital either at the office in the Salvator Hospital Hasselt or at the office in Annadal Medical Center Maastricht. Intervention under general aenesthesia are carried out in the operation theater of the Salvator Hospital.

CAZ stands for Christian General Hospital of the Limburg. It is a Christian non-profit organization with following objectives:

  1. To provide medical care in an attitude of hope, solidarity, and Christian charity for anyone, independent of social origin, philosophy of life, or nationality.
  2. To offer optimal high quality care and attention, taking into account the personal desires and views of the patient, his family and/ or partner.
  3. To emphasize a regional and euregional emanation with multidisciplinary cooperation. Consequently, Dutch patients insured by CZ (Dutch National Health Insurance for socialized medicine) can be treated without major waiting times.

The internet site of the hospital can be visited at:,,

Can I drive a car myself after an intervention?

After an intervention under local anaesthesia the patient will feel fit immediately. Nonetheless, we do not recommend to drive yourself after an eye correction, facelift, of liposuction. It is important to understand that driving is legally forbidden after a general anaesthesia or general sedation. We are not responsible in anyway, if you do not abide this rule.

Does my insurance plan cover the costs of an intervention?

The cost of most aesthetic interventions are not reimbursed by your insurance company. In some exceptional cases, however, the costs are partially covered by the plan, but only so after written permission granted by the social medical advisor of the insurance company. This usually holds for interventions such as breast reduction, some types of nose corrections, some types of tummy tucks, and for all reconstructive interventions.

Do I get a certificate of absence through illness after aesthetic surgery?

No you do not, since this is not allowed by law. Such a certificate can only be given for an intervention paid by your insurance company. These interventions receive a RIVIZ-code in order to describe the kind of intervention allowing for compensation by your insurance plan. Such a code does not exist for any aesthetic intervention.